You’re selling the wrong thing!

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What are you selling?

“I’m selling the wrong thing? Wait, what? I’ve been selling this for ages!” ok so what I mean by “wrong thing” isn’t the wrong product or service, but rather the “wrong things” about what you sell, you’re probably selling the things about your product/service that no one cares about. These “things” are features, the dreaded table of features, the most boring page in any brochure or presentation, the things that people don’t really care about but they will sit through and put up with reading in the hope that you might eventually start to talk about what they really want to know about – what is it going to do for them?

Your great idea

Most businesses are selling something that they think is a great idea, they spend ages working on it, developing every idea and combining it into the greatest thing ever. Then they release it to the world, it does more than anyone else in the market, it has more buttons, more options, more upgrades, more blah blah blah and no one cares. So then they go out and try and find someone who has one of these things already, but a less good version, or someone who has no idea they needed this feature-packed magic box in their lives and then try and sell them a list of features that they don’t care about. Most businesses fail, I would bet there is a correlation here.

So you’ve got lots of features, good start, you need a product and service that does something after all, but how do you work out how to sell it if no one buys features? How do you know what the customer want’s if they don’t want your features list? How will people know how good your product is if they don’t read your features list?

Sell the right thing

You need to be selling the benefits, the things that your product or service does that adds value to their businesses or lives, or both! This sounds complicated and time-consuming, but don’t worry it’s not. We’ve made a one-hour free course to help you understand how to sell your product or service in a way that adds value to your customer, it solves their problems it excites them about what your business can do for them. So if you’ve got an hour to spend on making your offering amazing then why not give this free course a go. Join Marketing Success Club with a month free trial and get access to this course and all the great member benefits.

Make the best business decision you’ll make this year and let’s make your offering amazing!

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