The unpopular marketing formula that gets results

You’re expecting me to grab your attention with a hype-filled promise of a formula that will get you seemingly impossible results. Well, this blog is a little different, because it’s all about the least popular, but most effective marketing formula out there.

This is not a quick win 10x your income hype machine, this will not get you 10,000 followers in a month and it will not make you $500,000 in just 2 weeks. Those promises are bullshit and you know it.

But it will bring you the best, most profitable customers you’ve ever worked with.

So what is this magic formula then, and why is it so unpopular?

Magic Formula

Magic formulas

Most small business owners want quick results and often buy a ‘solution’ that promises to deliver those results without understanding how, or if,  it works. Many turn to Ads to bring them more customers and often end up just sending more traffic to something that wasn’t selling in the first place.

In the rush to obtain results many will buy the “magic beans” only to discover they don’t work.

So why is this different?

This formula contains the elements that the process actually needs to work, they are however not complementary to selling magic beans. The reason very few people talk about this formula is because if you compare it to magic beans it doesn’t look very appealing.

The unpopular marketing formula is: 

planning + consistency + time = consistent ideal customers

When I show this to small business owners I can see their enthusiasm evaporate as they realise I don’t have the magic beans and what I am showing them will take some effort and time to work.

When I ask them to compare tangible results, outcomes and ‘cash in the bank’ between the two they quickly realise that this formula, unpopular as it is, is what they’re going to need to succeed.

Just Start 1

How to use the formula

Let’s break down the formula so it’s simpler to implement:


You need to plan out the content you create, so you help the customer understand the value you add, how you help them save time and money and how you help them achieve the outcome they want. This is called a content plan and it makes your marketing more manageable.


You need to show up, and keep showing up to nurture your customer. They want to see you’ve got what it takes to keep delivering over and over again. They want to see if they can trust you to deliver, and consistently engaging your audience with content shows them you’re the person they can trust to guide them to success.


You need to give your customer time to get to know, like and trust you before you make an offer. Using an Ad to bring someone who doesn’t know you to a page that’s selling a £5,000 coaching program isn’t going to get you many customers. The customer needs to spend time deciding if it’s right for them. 

So because these 3 steps take time the results won’t be instant but you will see the interest grow from the start. Over time the customers this process will bring you will be ready to buy because they know you’re the right person to help them and they’ll be willing to pay you for it. Price won’t be an issue as they want the results they have seen you deliver and the value they know you add. These will be the best customers you work with.


I don’t have time, I need results now

If you’re currently struggling to sell your product or service, then Ads won’t help. The problem is what you’re selling, not the customers. When customers don’t buy it’s because you’re not communicating the value in your offer and the outcomes you provide. So spending money on Ads is only going to bring you more people who don’t want to buy. Quick results from Ads only work for businesses with a great product and service that is already selling well.

Don’t rush to buy magic beans

Plant a seed and give it time to grow, don’t be seduced by the magic beans.

Plan out some great content, consistently take it to your audience and give it time to work.

Simon Batchelar Marketing Coach

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