Slow and fast marketing how to use them both to get better results

When you’re growing your business you need a combination of slow and fast marketing campaigns. Paid Ads companies and often a lot of marketing bloggers focus on the fast campaigns as they make quick spikes in the graph and make them look great. They often underplay the importance of building an audience and nurturing them at the same time as running these campaigns. So in this blog I am going to show you how to combine them both to get better results, and save you a lot of money on Ads.

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What is fast marketing?

Fast marketing is short campaigns or tactics that you use to boost sales, launch a new product or increase subscribers. They can be very effective when run in short bursts of a few weeks or months. 

Fast campaigns are often targeting a new audience and they often rely on an investment in paid advertising or promotion. You can also engage your existing audience with a fast campaign, which costs a lot less and will usually generate a higher conversion rate.

What is slow marketing?


Slow marketing is the longer-term strategy that you are working towards over a longer period of time, usually 6 months or a year. These goals are focused more on growing your audience engagement and conversion rates. For example, our goal is to double the subscribers to our email list every 6 months, so do sign up if you haven’t already (shameless ask!)

The aim of this longer-term strategy is to build your own audience, not an audience on one social channel but across many social channels, emails and customer databases. This can then be used for marketing new products, offers and campaigns without the need to invest in paid ads or promotion. 

The larger your audience the cheaper and more effective your marketing messages will be.

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I need sales now

If you have a great product/service that people are buying, and you just need more sales then a fast marketing campaign using Ads, social posts and emails will likely work for you.

If you have something that isn’t really selling, or that takes a lot of work to sell, then a fast campaign is not going to work for you. Bringing more people to something people don’t want to buy isn’t going to suddenly increase those sales.

In this case, you need to look at your offer, and change how you talk about it, package it up and how you show the outcomes that the customer is looking for. There will be a full guide on this coming soon, so join the mailing list to get it as soon as it’s ready.

Tortoise and the hare

This is where the difference between fast and slow makes a difference.

If you just rely on fast marketing then you have to spend money bringing people to your offer to test it, to see if they buy. If they don’t you lose money. If you get lucky then bingo!

If you have built your own engaged audience then you can take this offer to them with very little cost with an email or some social posts to see if they buy. If they don’t then you can adjust it and try again. If they do then Bingo! You’ve got some sales and now you can afford to use a fast campaign to take it out to even more people.

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Setting your goals

To help you get started with fast and slow marketing you need to first set a long term goal. This should be focused on growing your audience, sales and other business goals can be set and worked on alongside this goal.

A great place to start is by aiming to increase your email list subscribers or social channel followers. 

In every case, this should be done organically, not by simply buying or artificially incentivising growth. People will subscribe and follow when they like what you’re doing, so if progress is slow you need to switch up what you’re doing. Check out our guide on making social content that works for some inspiration.

If you need some fast results, try sending an email to your email list about how your product/service can help them solve a problem or overcome a frustration they have. Another way to get some leads/sales is to create a guide/video/webinar that you can talk about and promote, this has two benefits as it will create short term interest in your product and help to build your audience. It doesn’t have to be a book, or a perfect video as long as it helps and adds value for the customer.

Where do I start?

If you don’t have a mailing list yet, or you haven’t looked at it in a while then I would recommend checking out Drip for lead gen businesses and Klaviyo for eCommerce. Both these platforms have some amazing tools built into them to make growing and marketing to your email list super simple.

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Grow your own

Grow your own audience alongside your fast marketing campaigns. Over time this audience will become a powerful marketing tool that will deliver you great customers over and over again. Invest as much in content to engage your audience as you do in Ads and you will very quickly grow your audience and save yourself a huge amount of money on Ads.

How can we help

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