How to make Facebook Ads work for your business

I get asked a lot about how to make Facebook Ads work for your business without spending a fortune on Ads. So here are my 5 simple things you can do that will make your campaign work, even on a small budget. Check out the top tip in step 5 to save you a lot of time and effort!

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1. Go wide to raise awareness

Don’t over target your first set of Ads, go wide and don’t narrow your audience too much. Set a low campaign budget and use a selection of Ads with one message in each. 5-6 Ads is a good start, more than 6 ads in a set and they work against each other. Let this campaign run and see what messages people like the most, what Ads they interact with. If you don’t have much budget then set this low and let it run for a while, Facebook will do all the heavy lifting and will try and target your Ads the best it can to maximise your campaign objective.

2. Use one call to action per Ad

Don’t ask people to do more than on thing per Ad, if you want them to visit your website then leave it at that. A strong message with a single call to action often works well. Don’t be tempted to also ask them to join the mailing list, like and share as well. Keep it simple. People don’t have much time and if they have to take a small easy step to learn more, or to get in touch then they will, any more than that and they keep scrolling.

3. Respond to the signals

Once people have given you a signal that they’re interested then show them more Ads. Save your budget for those who give you a signal they’re interested. People are unlikely to see all the Ads you create in the top level ‘awareness’ campaign, so if they click on an Ad, watch a whole video or interact with your Ad then you can target them again with more Ads. You don’t have to make lots of Ads 5-6 will be fine, just create 2 groups, one wide-reaching set of Ads and another for those that interacted with the wide set of Ads. Our Creating Fantastic Facebook Ads course shows you how to do this.

4. Bring them back

Show Ads to people who have been to your webiste, you can target them with a specific Ad based on the page they visited. For example, if someone goes to your landing page and doesn’t download your report, or doesn’t join your mailing list then you can show them an Ad to encourage them to do so, and bring them back to that page again. You can also use Ads to show people who have visited your page the benefits of your product and service, to help them with the consideration stage. Again directing them back when they’re ready to purchase.

5. Keep them fresh

People don’t like seeing the same Ad over and over again, so you need to refresh the creative to keep them working. Depending on your audience you might see that after 2-3 times of seeing your Ad the performance drops off, and rightly so as users want fresh content when they’re on social. SO you need to make sure you switch out your images, copy and calls to action to keep your Ads fresh. You don’t have to start from french each time but make sure you change out enough of the Ad to make it look and feel different. TOP TIP: use the best performing Ads to make new variations and look at the worst-performing Ads to see what isn’t resonating with your audience.

Get Started with a free course

Once you’ve checked through your Ads then you should be able to see what’s working and what’s not, so put your budget behind the Ads that work and turn off those that don’t. There are lot’s more ways your businesses can use Ads in a very cost-effective way, to drive leads and conversions, if you want to learn more about Ads there is a course on Creating Fantastic Facebook Ads included in Marketing Success Club membership, you can get started with a free one month trial.

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