How to make a WOW offer

Most businesses are selling the wrong thing, but they don’t realise it. They’re spending a lot of money on marketing to bring people to an offer they don’t want to buy. When this doesn’t work, they often blame the marketing without realising it’s, in fact, the offer that’s not working.

So how can you make an offer that works, how can you make your ideal customer say “WOW, that’s just what I’ve been looking for!”


No one cares what you do

The harsh truth is that no one cares about what you do, this is the transactional level of your business, and you don’t need to tell people about it at all. ‘What’ you do is just expected. For example, a Coffee shop sells coffee, a garage fixes cars and an accountant does your accounts.

Instead, customers want to know why you do what you do, what’s different about how do you do it, make it or grow it. They want to know what makes you different, not the same.

They want to hear a story

Customers want to hear a story about you and your business. A great story reassures them they’re in the right place and talking to the right person. 

It shows them that you know what success looks like, and you know what could go wrong. It also presents you as the right person to guide them to success and help them avoid failure. This story helps the customer trust you and gives them more confidence to say yes.

It’s also a great way to help a customer justify a purchase to themselves and others. They can place themselves in your story and see how it ends in success, so it’s easier for them to get you yes.

They can also use your story to tell others why they have said yes to your offer. This is particularly useful if there are other decision-makers involved in the process.

Here’s an example of a great story:

Toms Shoes

Q: Why did you spend £40 on Tom’s shoes, they’re expensive for those shoes?

A: When you buy a pair of Tom’s shoes they give a pair of shoes to someone who doesn’t have any shoes, so I actually brought two pairs of shoes.

That’s Tom’s story from their website, and as a customer, I can use that story when I talk about my shoes. It can be used to persuade yourself or justify to others the buying of their shoes. 

Think about the last expensive thing you bought yourself, what story did you tell yourself to convince yourself to make that purchase? If you want to make a WOW offer that’s the kind of story you need to create for your business.


Focus on the AFTERS

When someone is considering a purchase they are thinking about what it’s like after they purchase. What does their life look like with that new sofa, new speakers or relaxing in that bath after a long day with that amazing candle?

With a service they are buying the time or money they’ll save, the extra knowledge they’ll gain or the connections and associations they’ll make. 

With a product, they’re not buying the ‘thing’ they are buying the lifestyle, the dream, the experience and the feeling of having or experiencing the ‘thing’.

If you want to make a WOW offer you need to show them what what their life will be like after they say yes.

What’s in it for me?

Most offers are centred around what the company will provide and they have a long list of things that the customer will be provided with. They think the customer needs to know all the details of the things they will get. This is almost never the case.

This list is all the things that the customer doesn’t really care about. They only care about one thing: What’s in it for me?

When they look at that list they’re trying to work out what they get out of it, what’s the outcome they get. This takes effort and people don’t like that. So customers will sometimes put the energy in and try and decode what you’re trying to sell them. More often than not they won’t.

If you want to make a WOW offer then you need to do the work for them and tell them what they get out of it, what is the outcome that you are providing for them, you need to show them what success looks like.


Look again

Take a fresh look at your offer and ask yourself “why would you buy it?”

Look from your customers point of view ask these 4 questions:

  1. Are you focusing on what you do? Or what the customer gets?
  2. Are you showing the customer what their life will be like after they say yes?
  3. Do you have a compelling story that makes you stand out?
  4. Is your offer easy to understand and simple to buy?

Stuck on the detail

It’s tempting to want to tell your customer everything all at once, but remember you need to keep it simple. Describing your offer in a way that is focused on the outcomes or results that the customer it will make a huge difference. You can get to the detail later.

When you look at the iPhone sales page the details are nowhere to be seen. They are selling the lifestyle of owning an iPhone, they are giving you the story to tell yourself in order to convince yourself to say yes. The technical specifications are on a separate page because no one cares about the screen resolutions or the processor. They want a device that makes their lives easier and looks good.


Keep It Simple Stupid – Make your offer easy to understand and simple to buy before you spend money marketing it. You need to be selling something people want to buy, not just something you want to sell.

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