How to grow your LinkedIn network

Here’s a simple technique that a lot of people don’t know that will help you grow your LinkedIn network.

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How to grow your LinkedIn network

It’s a simple search technique that enables you to find users on LinkedIn and then send them a connection request. The search bar on LinkedIn finds people, companies and hashtags, but what a lot of people don’t realise is you can combine these searches together to find new connections. You can use the + to combine 2 searches.

Here’s an example we can search for company founders who are in Brighton using the search term: Founder+Brighton

This will show you all the profiles of people who have the word Founder in their profile and are located in Brighton. So using this technique you can find loads more people to connect with.

You could also try: CEO+Paris, finance+newcastle or automotive+director

There are lots of different combinations and you’ll get pages of new connections.

How To Connect

In the search results, you’ll be able to connect if you’re linked through your existing contacts, if not it will say ‘message’. Now for the clever bit, if in the search results it says ‘message’ rather than ‘connect’ you just view their profile, click more and then you’ll see connect.

The message you send them with the connection request is also very important. Don’t try and sell them anything or send them a link, we all hate those messages so don;t be that person, just explain why you’re asking to connect and keep it short. Something like this often works:

Hi {name}

I am looking to connect with other local {job titles/specilisation}. I specialise in {what you specialise in}. What’s your speciality? Shall we connect?

{sign off}

Leveraging Your New Connections

Remember we’re not trying to amass as many connections as we can, we’re trying to find more of the right people to connect with, so there is no point adding hundreds of people to your network who are the wrong fit for your business, that’s no use at all. Use this technique as a way of finding new people whom you think you can genuinely help, this way when they look at your profile and think you can help them then they will accept.

Once you’re growing your network the posts you add to LinkedIn will get a wider and wider reach, and if you build a network of people who might be interested in these posts they should also get more and more engagement. So this is why you need to reach out to the right people, not just lots of random connections.

So give it a try and see who you can find to connect with. Better still follow us on LinkedIn for more great marketing tips.

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