How to get an extra free day each week

One of the reasons you started your own business is because you wanted more control over your time. You wanted the freedom of being able to take time off when you wanted and spend more time doing what you love.

Now you find yourself working 5, 6 or even 7 days a week.

You’re supposed to be in control, but at the moment it feels like your business controls you.

What if you could have one free day a week? What would you do with that day? Spend time with your family & friends, write that book you’ve always wanted to write or spend more time on you?

Two traps

There are two traps that solo founders often fall into. The first trap is that you attract the wrong leads. This means you end up with average customers who don’t see the value in what you do.

The second trap is you’re swapping time for money. When you charge per hour you limit what you can charge and how many customers you can have.

These traps mean you have to work more hours to make more money. It also makes it hard to charge more for what you do because your customers don’t see the value, they see the cost.

Mouse trap
Simon and Ben

I don’t work Fridays

A year ago my business partner and I decided we didn’t want to work Fridays any more. We wanted this time back. So we started the process of taking our Fridays back. It didn’t happen overnight but it wasn’t anywhere near as hard as we thought it would be. We want to help you create your own free day.

To reclaim your free day you need to get out of the two traps by: 

  1. Attracting better customers – who see the value in what you do
  2. Being brave with your pricing – so you can spend less time working

By investing time into attracting better customers who are willing to pay more, you’ll need to work fewer hours to generate the income you need. By spending this time working on your business, you’ll create a block of time in your week that you can then swap out for your free day once it’s working.

I can’t afford to take a day off

The way you currently work means you probably can’t afford to take a day off.  We’ve been there, when we first had this idea it felt impossible. 

So why aren’t more people doing it? Because this sort of change is simple in concept, not easy to execute. Going from where you are now to a day off is a huge leap and it feels daunting.

Family going to the beach with their dog
Simon Batchelar 1-2-1 marketing coaching

What if you had better leads?

I can hear you thinking “You make it sound so simple”. 

By changing the way you talk about yourself, your offer and your business you will attract better leads, who will see the value in what you deliver. 

By setting goals and implementing our marketing process you will attract better leads in less time.

What if you doubled your prices?

If you doubled your prices tomorrow, what would happen?

You might lose some clients. But the ones that stayed would be paying twice as much. So even if you lose half of them, you’re no worse off. Now you’re only doing half the work for the same money.

We know that doubling your prices doesn’t seem easy right now. We can show you how to decouple your time from what you charge, package up your offer and be brave with your prices. We work with businesses just like you to create an offer that makes your ideal customer say “WOW that’s just what I’ve been looking for!”