Customers don’t care what you do, so what do they care about?

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Customers don’t care about what it is that you do, that’s the transactional aspect of your business. This however, is what most businesses talk about in their marketing.

So if customers don’t care about this, then what do they care about?

It’s simple, they want to know “What’s in it for me?”

So how do you tell your customer what’s in it for them, without talking about what you do?

Focus on the outcomes

The outcome that your product creates is really what your customer is looking for, it’s what they really want, even if they don’t say it directly. People don’t join the gym to use the running machine, they join it because they want to look, feel and appear better, they want the outcome of going to the gym.

So show them that your product is quicker, easier or cheaper than the alternative or how they will look, feel and appear better after they use your product.

Sell the AFTER’s

Sales coach Andy Bounds introduced me to a concept that has really stuck with me, “sell the AFTER’s”. What I took from this is show them what their life will be like after they use your product. 

So what does their home, car or office look life after they use your product? What can they do with all the time and money you’re saving them. Essentially you need to show them the ‘aspiration’ of the outcome they get after your product creates.

Make it easy to buy

A lot of businesses make it really hard to buy from them, they don’t signal how to actually buy or get started in the process at all. When a customer is confused about what to do next, they simply do nothing. So make sure you signal exactly what to do next. If you want them to call you then say “book a call”. Have a clear signpost for people who are ready to buy and people who are not yet ready to buy.

Show them what happens next

Then when you’re ready to buy you take it to the checkout, pay and it’s yours. It’s a tried and tested sequence that we’re all familiar with, and importantly trust will work. Online it’s very different, especially when buying something for the first time. So when you want someone to buy you need to tell the customer what happens next, what are the next steps that will happen after they take the action you want to take.

For example: 1. Fill in this form, 2. We conduct our website audit, 3. We email you the report and call you to discuss the next steps.

From this, I know what I have to do, what the company is doing and what I can expect in return for my money. It removes the doubt from the customer’s mind. This simple step is very often overlooked, as it might be seen as ‘obvious’ or unnecessary. It is after all very familiar to the business owners, as that’s what they do all day, but to a new customer, this could be the first time they have purchased this product before so they need some guidance. Remove the doubt and people will have more confidence in buying the product.

What will you talk about?

Take another look at how you’re talking about your products and see if you’re talking about what you do or what the customer gets. Remember these 4 points:

  1. Focus on the outcome the customer gets
  2. Seel them the AFTER’s
  3. Make it easy to buy
  4. Show them what happens next

Most of all keep it simple!

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