3 Tips for creating better content

In order to write better content you need to think from your customers point of view. Remember it’s not about you and what you do, or even  how good you are at doing it. No one cares about that, they want to know what’s in it for them!

3 tips to Create better content

So if you want to craete better content, imagine you’re the customer and ask these 3 questions:

1) What’s in it for me?

What does the customer get from your product or service, what’s the outcome or result. People don’t buy the prevention, they by the cure, so focus on the end result and benefits.

2) What problem do you solve?

What problem are you solving? Are you saving them time or money? You need to explain how you do something for your customer that they can’t do without your product or service.

3) Why should I care?

What is it about your product or service that makes it better than the other options. How are you better than your competitors? What’s the cost of not using your product or service?

Go create some content

Write a blog, post on social, make a video whatever you do try and flip the content to show how you deliver what your customer wants.

Tag us in and we’ll take a look and give you a like 👍

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