3 things that will change your mind about email marketing

Email with number 3 on it

Email marketing and building your email list is (often) the most overlooked part of a marketing strategy. Most business owners don’t put any effort into growing their lists at all. Why is that? They’re missing a trick here!

Here are 3 things that will change your mind about email marketing.

It ADDs value to your business

Most business owners concentrate on building followers and likes on their social channels, which is great fun and makes some lovely insights graphs for you to look at, but unless you’re getting regular engagement and driving sales it’s not much use.

Have you ever stopped to think about who ‘owns’ those followers? In short, it’s not you. Those likes, followers and interactions are all ‘owned’ by the social channel, you can’t take them with you, you can’t sell them and you can’t pay your bills with them.

In contrast, your email list is yours, you own that audience. You can take it with you, you can sell it as a business asset and you can monetise it directly, so this becomes a business asset. Yes, you have to pay for a platform to help you use it, but those platforms don’t own the lists or the data in it.

It‘s direct access to your customer’s attention

What other platforms can you use to get direct access to someone’s attention? On social media, there’s no guarantee anyone will see your posts, tweets or stories. With email it’s different, you’re sending a message straight into someone’s inbox. That’s privileged access to someone’s attention!

Even if they don’t open your email they still see it pop up and it reminds them you’re still there doing what you do. So if you use the subject line, title and content correctly it can be a very powerful sales tool.

If you come to sell your business your email list should be something of real value, it’s direct access to your customers, and prospective customers for whoever owns the business. If you’re doing email marketing right this should be converting leads into customers for you, and hopefully doing that automatically.

It‘s easy to automate

Unlike other marketing methods, you can heavily automate your email marketing. You can automate the signup, adding of new contacts, sending of emails and follow up emails. So all you have to do it write the emails and then sit back and let the email marketing software do the rest for you.

Using nurture emails, and regular useful updates for your customers you can build a loyal audience that will be interested, and even excited to hear from you.

How’s your list looking?

I hope you’ll now take a fresh look at your email list and start to think about how you can grow it some more. We’ll be writing more about how to use email marketing to grow your business soon so do subscribe or follow us to get updates.

If you’d like to take a deeper look into how to get email marketing working for your business we have a free course in Marketing Success Club that is full of useful tips and ideas.

If you’re thinking you need to get a list started then I would recommend Mailchimp for lead gen businesses and Kylavio for e-commerce businesses.